Dental Care Benefit

The Swedish Parliament introduced a new Dental Care Benefit (Tandvårdsstödet) for adults on 1 July 2008. This Dental Care Benefit covers everyone aged 20 and over and is comprised of two parts: General Dental Care Benefit (ATB) and Dental Care Compensation.

General Dental Care Benefit

Starting from the year you turn 20, a benefit account is opened for you with the Swedish National Insurance Office (Försäkringskassan), which you can use to pay for your dental care. Your General Dental Care Benefit varies according to your age.

If you are aged 20-29, the benefit is SEK 300 per year – SEK 600 over two years.
If you are aged 30-74, the benefit is SEK 150 per year – SEK 300 over two years.
If you are aged 75 years or over, the benefit is SEK 300 per year – SEK 600 over two years.

On 1 July every year, the General Dental Care Benefit is credited to your benefit account. It cannot be saved for more than 2 years, and may not exceed SEK 300 or SEK 600, depending on your age.

Dental Care Allowance for high-cost protection

Dental Care Allowance protects you against high dental care costs. You get a 50% discount on costs over SEK 3,000 and a 85% discount on costs over SEK 15,000, calculated according to the reference price.

Reference price

There is a reference price for each dental care service carried out by your dental care provider which is covered by the Dental Care Allowance.
This reference price forms the basis for calculating the high-cost protection, and also serves as a comparison price for the patient.

Read more about the reference price and the dental care services covered by the Dental Care Allowance: Swedish Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV)

Free dental care for children and teenagers

Children and teenagers up to the age of 19 are entitled to free dental care. From 1 January of the year you turn 20, you are covered by the new Dental Care Benefit system.

Special dental care needs

Some groups of people have a greater need of municipal support and care. There are special rules for people who require dental care in conjunction with receiving treatment for an illness.
Read more on the website of the Swedish Healthcare Advisory Organisation (Sjukvårdsrådgivningen), or contact your local County Council/region for more information.


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